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Energie Mondiale [EM] is a company with a track record for delivering quality products and services in the field of renewable energy, specifically in Solar Split air conditioners. EM is the sole provider of an ultramodern solar air-conditioning system under the brand name BUILDFREEZE in the sub-region. Having successfully established itself in GHANA as a market leader; Energie Mondiale has expanded into other market in the West African region.

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Our solution employs a smart and innovative ways of cutting energy costs by adopting state of the art renewable technology in air conditioning.

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We address the problem of paying high electricity bills through the use of traditional ACs by adopting the latest technology in Air conditioning delivery.


EM [World Energy] is finally in Ghana ready to supply with ultramodern solar air-conditioning under the brand name BUILDFREEZE.


Solar Air – Conditioner is driven by 80% on SOLAR with 20% of electricity as its auxiliary power. The two kinds of energy work complimentary in accordance with fluid dynamics. It combines the absorption working system with a compression system using environmentally friendly media in cooling and heating premised on the basic traditional air –conditioner technology with the aim of achieving energy saving and environmental protection.